Best Ankle Brace for Basketball – (2022) Support for Torn Ligaments

Playing Basketball sport puts a lot of pressure on the ankle as well as knee joints because of sudden movements like cutting inside-outside, vertical jumping, and landings. Amateurs are more like to experience injuries such as ankle sprain, and more than 70% chance to re sustain if they have suffered before. Evidently, no athlete would like to sacrifice their ankle’s health. So, we recommend using the best ankle brace for basketball in 2022 to your ankle joints against injuries and increase comfort around your ankles.

This game depends on joint strength and stability – speaking of my 15 years of professional basketball playing experience. It’s true that high-ankle basketball shoes actually stabilize the ankle, but the ankle braces absorb the impact and provide maximum support for torn ligaments. So here, we will review the best-selling top-rated ankle braces for professional and non-professional basketball players from cheap sleeves to high-performance braces that are being used in NBA. Pick the one you feel is the best for you and stop worrying about sprained ankles.

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Best Ankle Brace for Basketball Players – Maximum Support

Below is the list of the best quality ankle braces for basketball in 2022; our testers found them comfortable and helpful while playing and performing different drills such as cross-overs and cuttings.

Med Spec ASO Ankle Stabilizer

“Fit and Affordable”

Ankle Brace for Basketball

Professional Basketball players prefer using Med Specs ASO Ankle brace. That is because it has the perfect grip and fits perfectly fine on the ankle area. It is made of lightweight and reliable CoolFlex Material, it is comfortable and supportive for the foot. This brace uses 8 straps to lock on the ankle to minimize the chances of spraining.

We listed this as the best ankle brace for basketball because of its great fitting. The lacing system ensures the centered foot placement and the soft tongue offers good comfort. The most important advantage of buying this brace is that it fits on wide feet as well and in any type of shoe.

Quick Features
  • 8 stabilizing straps provide great support and protection to the ankle.
  • A flexible sleeve conclusion with a secure lacing system guarantees proper fitting.
  • Reciprocal design to fit on both the feet.
  • Fabricated with breathable and lightweight material.
  • Consistent ankle support with fantastic fitting.
  • Slim and reasonable price.
  • Lightweight and reliable.
  • Can fit inside any shoe.
  • Secure straps.
  • Design is basic.
  • Ankle brace is sold separately – not as pair.

McDavid 195 Ankle Brace

“Best for Ankle Support”

Ankle Brace for Basketball

The McDavid 195 lace-up ankle brace is designed to give support and stability while playing. Due to the single-layer polyester fabric, the ankle brace is lightweight, comfortable, and super flexible. This brace provides optimum protection around the ankle and is super comfortable. Breathability is enhanced thanks to its breathable tongue and the padded heel cup prevents landing shocks.

Easy adjustability is just love – you can adjust this brace easily without removing the shoes. The figure-6 strapping pattern makes sure custom fit and good compression. Level-3 protection (considered maximum) in 195 ankle braces is guaranteed by McDavid.

Quick Features
  • Figure-6 strapping design for maximum support
  • The soft cushioned coating around the ankle and heel cup guarantees comfortable compression
  • Developed with single-layer polyester texture to limit the weight
  • Ventilated tongue to increment breathability
  • Effectively customizable binding design that can be adjusted without taking off shoes
  • Maximum assurance from ankle spraining
  • Super flexible and lightweight
  • Adjustable easily
  • Strong straps give good compression
  • Break-in period required to become comfortable
  • 9 sets of eyelets makes it a bit bulkier

Zamst A2 – DX

“Most Comfortable Ankle Brace”

Zamst A2-DX is a heavy-duty ankle brace only to be used by professional athletes. Stephen curry used these in the 2013 NBA season and make these ankles brace famous. This brace is specially designed with dual molded Exo-Grip technology that increases lateral stability and ensures safety over inwards and outward rolling.

Basketball lovers wish to have NBA Shoes and Ankle Brace, so I gave a try to this ankle brace Zamst A2-DX. There no doubt that this brace Is the most comfortable and well build ankle brace that offers extra stability and protection from injuries, probably it was because of its lightweight material. I will highly recommend these shoes if you want to protect your ankles while playing.

Quick Features
  • 3-way support – anterior, lateral and medial
  • Anti-migration material that prevents the foot from slipping
  • Provides protective support for all ankle sprains
  • Very comfortable ankle brace
  • Anatomically correct ankle support while playing
  • Both anti-roll and anti-slip inside the shoe
  • Designed for professional athletes
  • Build for professional athletes
  • Feels awkward in the beginning.

McDavid Bio-Logix

“Best Grip for Ankle Stability”

Ankle Brace for Basketball

If you looking for the best performance grade ankle stability, we recommend McDavid Bio-Logic. This ankle brace gives the best ankle stability with quick and aggressive moments. It is flexible enough to provide anatomical support with maximum protection to the ankles without any discomfort to the foot.

We have selected this ankle brace as one of the best for basketball because it perfectly locks the ankle and prevents the player from slipping which causes spraining. The reliable plastic holds the joints in the anatomically best way without freezing them for agility moves.

Quick Features
  • Integrated Figure-8 straps with heel lock for ultimate stability.
  • Flex-Link hinges design guarantees maximum support to joins including the Achilles ligament.
  • Ergonomic molded TPU for lateral stability and cushioning padding offers comfortable protection.
  • The sole is designed with anti-slip silicone to ensure anti-skid stability inside the – resulting in a decent performance.
  • Custom fitting and tightening adjustability.
  • Body-in-motion performance
  • Highly supportive ankle brace
  • Lightweight ankle brace
  • Best for men and women, and for bigger kids
  • Level-3 protection
  • Pain reliever for ankle
  • A bit bulkier
  • Not good for big feet players

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Malleotrain Ankle Brace

“Lightweight Ankle Brace for Basketball”

Ankle Brace for Basketball

Malleotrain Ankle Brace is engineered with quick lace-up technology which will help basketball players to put it on easily. This simple ankle brace is fast to wear, just slip the foot inside and pull across and you are ready to go. The brace is light in weight due to minimal construction and is very supportive. You can protect your ankles from different minor ankle injuries like bruises, spraining, etc.

We love the fact that Malleotrain Ankle Brace offers comfortable support without compromising versatility or your agility moves while playing. This sleek design ankle brace comes with additional inserts and a detachable supportive cover strap for desired support and customization fit according to your choice.

Quick Features
  • The innovative quick lace-up strapping system can be adjusted single-handed in no time
  • A soft padded ankle brace with protective inserts provides comfortable protection around the ankle
  • It comes with a detachable cover strap for superior support
  • Ventilated tongue builds breathability to limit the perspiration and upgrades solace
  • Lightweight design
  • Easy to put on
  • Available in various sizes
  • Comfortable to play
  • Won’t fit in narrow shoes
  • Not suitable for existing ankle sprained players

Factors to Consider Before Buying the Best Ankle Brace for Basketball

We advise basketball players to consider the following factors before purchasing a good ankle brace for best protection and support;

Size of the ankle brace

The most important factor to consider is the size of the ankle brace because it must fit well. Do not choose an ankle brace that looks good on your friend and expect it to work for you as well – size does matter! A properly fitted ankle brace with a snug fit will not only minimize slippage but also prevent further damage to injured ankle joints.

Therefore, we recommend following guidelines and size info carefully before finalizing the ankle brace.

Level of Support

It is important to ensure that your basketball ankle brace has the correct level of support. The three levels include Level-1, Level 2, and Level-3 models which are designed for different needs depending on how much force you can take without feeling any pain in the joint area

Level-1 support braces are best for mild ankle sprains.

Level-2 support ankle braces work well after an initial sprain or just as your everyday basketball sports brace that provides light support around the ankles.

Level-3 braces are good for serious ankle conditions like fracture

Make sure you purchase a brace that is compatible with your injury severity before heading out on the basketball court. You may end up buying one which will not provide adequate protection and cause more harm than good, so it’s important to do some research first!

Comfort Factor

Professional basketball players are always aware of the importance of winning over an opponent. They need to focus on stretching, passing, and shooting while they can’t afford any energy thinking about their comfort level because bracing an ankle properly takes additional effort during gameplay which requires more time than just wearing braces without anything else between them or underfoot!

It is important to have a lining that will protect your feet and ankles from any damage, so we suggest using an antimicrobial fabric. Along with this protection comes high-density padding which ensures you can see all of the best scores on game day!


Invest in a high-quality ankle brace you can afford because one good product will pay off over time. Avoid cheap and low-quality braces that look stylish but offer less support and durability; instead, spend more money on models with better construction material options for customizing your fit as well! Investing now may seem expensive at first glance – after all, they are priced higher than other types of shoes or boots we purchase–but these accessories provide long-lasting value since there’s no need to replace them every season due to how often our feet change shape without warning (or even during an ordinary day).

Final Verdict

Ankle braces for basketball provide a great deal of protection and can be very affordable. We found these particular models to offer excellent support, with features that ensure stability during the game time such as an Ergonomic design ensuring maximum comfort while you wear it!

Zamst A2-DX is our top recommendation for those who need a lightweight and comfortable ankle brace. The special design makes it perfect to wear while playing basketball, as well! McDavid 195 offers great stability without being too heavy or bulky on your leg muscles with its sturdy construction that allows you a full range of motion at all times – another key factor when practicing sports such as football where quick pivots happen frequently between tackles In addition, they are affordable so there are no worries about breaking the bank if something goes wrong during practice sessions

Frequently Asked Question

What are the best braces for a basketball game?

Zamst A2-DX is the best Ankle brace for basketball playing. Here’s the list of the best quality ankle braces;

  • Med Spec ASO Ankle Stabilizer
  • Mcdavid 195 Ankle Brace
  • Zamst A2-DX
  • McDavid Bio-Logix
  • Space Brace 2.0

Are ankle braces good for basketball players?

Wearing an ankle brace is essential for basketball players because this sport mostly depends on your ankles. If you have strong legs and solid footwork, then it’s more likely that sprains won’t happen to begin with! With all these advantages Ankle Braces provide–they’re good protection against future injuries too! –it’s no wonder why so many pro athletes wear them before playing their favorite game of choice.

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