Best basketball shoes for jumping

Best Basketball Shoes for Jumping and Dunking in 2022

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Are you looking for shoes that help in jumping and are good for dunking? We have professional reviews of the best basketball shoes for jumping that will give you an edge over other players and helps you in jumping higher. The shoes are light in weight which gives a player enough leap in the air as required. The strong shoe cushions are enough to absorb harsh landing impacts and avoid injuries.

We tried these shoes on indoor and outdoor courts for ideal outcomes. These shoes are best for comfortable leaping and landing after attempting the shot. For long jumping skipping drills are also performed to observe long jumping. Without a doubt, these shoes are great to maximize vertical leaps and dunk the ball. Moreover, if you want to stay active and reach your full potential by jumping as high as the rim while playing basketball, you won’t be disappointed choosing any of the following shoes.

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Best Basketball Shoes for Jumping – Shoes to Jump Higher

Following is the list of best basketball shoes that will make you jump higher than any of the opposition player and lands you safely afterward. Buy any of the shoes below and you won’t regret it.

1 Nike LeBron XVI
Nike Alphadunk Shoes
3 Nike KD 13 Bred
4 Men’s Jordan 1 Mid Shadow
5 Adidas Dame 7

Nike LeBron XVI

Best Dunking Shoes

Best Basketball Shoes for Jumping

Quick Features
  • The responsive mixture of Zoom Air and Max Air cushion system.
  • Cushioning gives the best impact on safety from harsh landings and bounces back to release that energy.
  • These shoes are designed to provide maximum support and protection to the feet.
  • The material used in these shoes is stretchable, thus making it easier to wear to all shapes of feet.
  • The shoes have a solid rubber outsole and deep traction that helps in providing maximum grip on the basketball courts.

Nike LeBron XVI shoes were specially designed for the GOAT of the NBA – LeBron James. This pair contains magnificent springiness that assists him with hopping high to the rim level. Also, the spring cushion protects from the impact of a harsh landing. This pair of shoes are lightweight and perfect for dunking.

  • The outsole is a super hard thick rubber
  • Little room on the forefoot
  • Helps wide feet adjust in
  • Steady solid material
  • Responsive cushioning
  • Eye-watering design
  • Available in different colors
  • Shoes are not game ready, you need to wear them in 2,3 matches for the best performance
  • Not recommended for narrow feet.
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Nike Alphadunk Shoes

“Lightweight High Ankle Dunking Shoes”

Quick Features
  • The large extended zoom air soft cushion under the forefoot and the foam beneath the sole protect the foot from hard landing injuries.
  • Breathability increased by top perforated
  • Soft mesh and padded top collar offer comfort
  • Reliable rubber sole with fingerprint style traction patterns for court grips.

Nike Alphadunk is one of the most dominant and lightweight shoes if you want to leap above the rim to dunk. These shoes have the biggest stacked Zoom Air unit under the forefoot to release massive energy during takeoff. High ankles lock the foot in and also protect the foot from landing injuries.

  • Lightweight reliable material
  • The biggest bounce Zoom Air unit in a basketball shoe
  • Comfortable upper sole
  • Suitable for big players
  • Good for ankle support
  • This Shoe feels a bit bulky
  • Bad traction on dusty outdoor courts

Nike KD 13 Bred

Best Shoe for Vertical Jumping

Best Basketball Shoes for Jumping

Quick Features
  • A full feet length Zoom Air responsive padding sewed straightly to the upper for a close feel
  • Shoes are super bouncy and release energy to leap higher thanks to double-stacked Zoom Air units under the foot.
  • Very flexible, assembled with lightweight soft material.
  • Grippy on any surface, hard rubber outsole that helps in traction
  • A padded collar provides comfortable containment.
  • Keeps the foot stable while playing.

The best-known shoe for vertical jumping is back with an additional forefoot zoom unit to give extra bounce to Kevin Durant 13. These shoes are super comfortable and smooth for traction. If you want to perform extraordinary good in a basketball game, these are the shoes for you. A minimal upper keeps the shoe lightweight and helps in jumping higher.

  • Lightweight Shoe Material
  • Zoom Air units are double stacked
  • Responsive cushioning and extra bouncy material
  • Suitable for outdoor as well as indoor
  • Overall comfortable sneakers
  • Not recommended for wide feet
  • Bulky heel

Men’s Jordan 1 Mid Shadow

“Makes You Leap Higher”

Quick Features
  • Responsive ride in the court because of forefoot and impact point Zoom Air units
  • Lightweight perforated textile upper enhances breathability
  • Synthetic rubber outside with multidirectional traction is for court grip
  • Comfortable for wide feet
  • Provides agility while dribbling
  • Shoe wide open, easy to slide in for big wide feet
  • Foam padded soul that prevents the player from slipping

Best shoes to make you leap higher than others. These signature Jordan shoes are perfect for dunking. The sole cushion makes them bouncy and shock-resistant when landing. Lightweight material keeps the weight balanced for high flights.

  • Extra bouncy
  • Responsive cushioning
  • Lightweight shoe, best for high vertical jumps
  • The pair does not need a break-in period
  • Easily picks up dust if played on dusty courts
  • A bit expensive

Adidas Dame 7

Best for Practicing High Leaps

Best Basketball Shoes for Jumping

Quick Features
  • A lightweight cushion gives great landing protection from jumping and gives responsive energy from high leaps
  • The reliable rubber outsole lasts longer on both fields
  • Provides full drip on both indoor and outdoor courts
  • The pair feels good to the foot and increases traction for better dribbling
  • Sturdy materials to oblige quick runs, speedy moves, and forceful bouncing
  • Delicate lower leg cushioning to keep lower legs from wounds while landing

These Adidas shoes are the best stylish skinny shoes on the market with a glossy shiny finish. The Adidas Dame 7 pair offers the best protection ankle needs while jumping and landing on hard surfaces, supports to jump higher, and play for a longer time without any sign of pain in your feet. The thick cushion on the heel absorbs the shock while landing, thus you will be able to continue playing even after dunking 15 to 20 times.

This lightweight helps in running faster with or without the ball and jumps more aggressively than others. The material used in this shoe is long-lasting and there is nothing to worry about the durability of the shoe.

  • Comfortable shoe for wide feet
  • Perfect basketball shoe for practicing jumping
  • Reliable and lightweight shoe
  • Super grippy rubber
  • Shock absorbing technology
  • Big shoe
  • Requires break in time for the shoe to perform excellently

Best Basketball Shoes for Jumping Main Features

There are multiple basketball shoes that perform well on the court. But some of the shoes are designed for high vertical leaps and dunking. Such shoes are a bit high in price because of their material nature, but they are worth every dollar. Now if you are considering buying shoes that make you jump higher and slam the basketball, you should consider the following features;

  • Bouncy and responsive cushion
  • Lightweight materials will keep the shoe light in weight
  • Containment of the shoe with proper fitting
  • The grip must be solid enough to prevent slipping while landing

What shoes are banned from NBA?

APL Concept Series shoes from Athletic Propulsion Labs are banned from the NBA. The shoes were designed especially for jumping, thus giving players an unfair advantage in leaping due to the spring technology under the forefoot area. These shoes are prohibited from being worn by professional NBA players.

There are several other types of shoes that have been banned from the NBA. The most common reason for this ban is the spring-link technology to increase players’ vertical jump. Other reasons for the shoes getting banned are having metal spikes, shoes with wheels, and blades under shoes.

There are many reasons why the NBA banned these kinds of shoes. The most common reason is that these kinds of shoes give an unfair edge over the opposite players. For instance, metal spikes help in better traction, which helps them make better shots and move around the court more easily and quickly. The wheels can help players move faster compared to others. And, the spring helps players jump higher than any of the players on the court.

Final Verdict – Best Basketball Shoes for Jumping

Every basketball game lover’s dream is to slam the rim, in order to slam the rim, you must have a high vertical leap. Moreover, there are shoes that are specially designed to make you leap higher than others. We mentioned the best basketball shoes for jumping and dunking in 2022.

Our first choice of high jumping is Nike Lebron XVI. Zoom Air unit and Max Air makes this shoe responsive, bouncy, and best for jumping and dunking.

After many tests, we came to the conclusion that the Nike Alphadunk Shoes are remarkably safe in landing thanks to the high ankle support. This pair has the biggest Zoom Air Unit, which prevents landing injuries.

If you want to have a solid grip on the court, and the ability to jump higher than the others, Jordan Men’s Air XXXV is the best choice for you. These shoes are good for a high dunk; lightweight woven material is used.

Frequently asked questions

What are the best basketball shoes for jumping and dunking?

Nike Lebron XVI is the best basketball shoe for jumping and dunking. Following is the list of best basketball shoes for jumping in 2022;

  1. Nike Lebron XVI – Best Shoes for Dunking
  2. Air Jordan XXXV Bred – Best for High Vertical Jump
  3. Nike Alphadunk Shoes – High Ankle Lightweight Dunking Shoes
  4. Under Armour Curry Flow 8 – Best for Jumping High
  5. Nike KD 13 Bred – Best Shoes that Increase Vertical Jump
  6. Hyperdunk X Team – Make You Jump Higher

Are there really some shoes that help in jumping higher?

Yes, there are shoes that will make you jump higher than others, especially those shoes with extra springiness and Zoom air technology. Nike Alphadunk Shoes will make you jump higher due to the Zoom Air under the foot and heels. These shoes are bouncy, and prevent the foot from injuries.

Are basketball shoes good for skipping during matches?

No, these shoes are bulkier as compared with other running shoes or skipping shoes. That’s why they are not recommended for skipping even though they are bouncier than normal sneakers.

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