How to Make Basketball Shoes More Grippy – Improve Traction 2022

We all know how important it is for a basketball player to have a perfect grip over his basketball shoes in order to achieve those quick multidirectional moves. Be it on indoor or outdoor courts, one thing that always plays a very vital role in your game is your shoe grip. If you have discomfort because of your shoes and if they are slippery, it is going to hinder you from reaching your maximum potential while playing and you are most definitely losing. Hence, we have come up with some tried and tested methods and techniques about how to make basketball shoes more grippy.

How to Make Basketball Shoes More Grippy

As a matter of fact, good quality speaks for itself and there is no substitute for it. Poor quality shoes will have little to no traction which will lead to a loser grip. Hence, we have compiled the following to-the-point and easy ways which can definitely up your basketball shoes game.


How to Make Basketball Shoes More Grippy – Quick Easy Ways:

You are no longer going to have your maximum potential hindered just because of your slippery shoes. Continue reading for some amazing tips and tricks on how to make basketball shoes more grippy.

Clean the Sole

A major cause of less traction in basketball shoes is a sole that has become dirty after being continuously exposed to dirt because it tends to absorb the dirt in it which gets accumulated in its grooves ultimately leading to a weaker grip. Hence, cleaning the sole is very important and it will increase your shoe’s grip as well. But the question is how?

We have got you covered for this too with 2 easy ways of cleaning the sole while being on the basketball court;

Use a wet towel – the moment you feel your shoes being too slippery, take out a wet towel or a piece of wet cloth and clean out the dirt off your soul gently.

Use a Bristle Brush – among all your essentials, keep a good quality bristle brush with you. Rub it on your shoe sole to wipe off the dirt. Doesn’t take much of your time and effort and also keeps your sole dry, steady, and grippy.

Apply Grip Enhancing Gel/Spray

In case your shoes have become very slippery, have lost their stickiness and you’re tired of cleaning them and nothing is improving their grip, try applying a grip-enhancing gel or a spray. In order to use the spray, take a dry piece of cloth and wipe away the dirt off your shoes first and then spray adequately on your sole. It will result in considerably enhanced shoe traction and an increased grip.

Use a Traction Mat

You can find traction mats very easily on basketball courts. They are helpful in absorbing all the wax and dust particles from your shoe sole. Furthermore, they also increase the adhesive property of your rubber sole and increase friction which leads to a clean shoe bottom within seconds and an enhanced grip.


Permanent Way to Restore Grip

For how long will you keep cleaning your shoe sole and keep using a grip-enhancing spray? Ultimately, one way or another it will stop being effective sooner or later with the passage of time. And you will again be wondering how to make basketball shoes more grippy? For that, you need to have an ultimate, permanent, and affordable solution. How does ‘A permanent fix’ sounds? All you have to do is get your shoe sole changed with a new one. Any cobbler can do this for you. It is definitely a better idea than spending bucks on a new pair of shoes. Getting your sole replaced can increase friction and give you a better grip with the comfort of new shoes. Win-win!


Tips to Maintain Basketball Shoes Grip

Almost all basketball players have concerned about their basketball shoes becoming too slippery and having lesser traction because it hinders their maximum playing potential. A lot of sportsmen have extra pairs of shoes – the lower the usage, the greater the sole grip. We have some amazing tips for you to make your basketball shoes maintain their grip for a longer period of time:

  • It is advisable for you to clean your shoe sole before and after every game. You don’t have to necessarily wash them but cleaning your shoe sole after every game is a must – in order to keep its grip strong for a long time. A little effort goes a long way, so always clean your sole before putting your shoes in your cupboard
  • You are advised to have a wet and dry cloth with you while playing so that you can wipe off the dirt your shoes will catch while playing. Definitely not a bad idea!
  • When you wash your shoes, spray your traction gel on your sole, the adhesives in it will collect all the dirt from your rubber sole. This will keep your shoe grip intact.
  • Never use your indoor basketball shoes on outdoor basketball courts.
  • It is always good to keep extra pairs of shoes and wear them alternatively. In this way, because of the lesser usage, the sole will not be damaged as quickly as it would have.

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Final Verdict

Every basketball player wonders how to make basketball shoes more grippy and keep them that way. It is every player’s dream to have a pair of shoes that have the best grip ever. On the contrary, shoes lose their grip with the passage of time and players struggle with finding ways to increase the grip. All of the methods stated above are well known and very effective in enhancing shoe traction.

It is a very common sight that you might have witnessed NBA players applying their saliva with their hands on their shoe soles in the middle of playing. It can increase traction but only for a very brief time and it is not recommended to make your shoe soles very frequently wet.

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