Molten X-Series Basketball – Indoor/Outdoor – FIBA Approved – Reviews

Molten X-Series Indoor Outdoor BGMX Basketball has a very innovative design of 12 panels. It is a very beautiful basketball with an even better-performing capability. This ball is also FIBA Approved and hence has become a players’ favorite ball worldwide and has gained immense acceptance all around the world. The Molten Basketball has a one-year official warranty and is very durable which makes it all the more special.

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Molten x series basketball

Molten X-Series Basketball Features


This Molten X-Series BGMX basketball has a very unique texture and gives a great touch sensation that can’t be described in words. It gives a very different feeling in comparison to the other outdoor basketballs that some players may find comfortable, but obviously in a nicer way. This Molten X-Series BGMX ball’s touch is not too leathery, but it is rather very soft and comfortable rubber.

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The Molten X-Series BM7X has an amazing grip even on an extremely dry/humid day, for shooting & technical dribbling. The balls generally tend to be somewhat slippery on the release when it gets wet, which makes it a bit harder to get a proper feel. One drawback is the ball would give a poor grip when it gets somewhat dusty, yeah, everyone hates that.


In case you’re wondering if the Molten X-Series loses a consistent bounce because of its 12-panel design? This ball has shallow grooves and an even surface which results in a consistent bounce. So no need to worry! This ball has a good bounce. Also, the Butyl bladder of this Molten X-Series BM7X ball helps in keeping the air for long. This hybrid ball will lose almost no air during the play due to its fantastic grip. On a side note, the Molten X-Series can be a bit heavier than some of the other basketballs, and its grooves are thinner.

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This Molten BM7X basketball is playable in almost any and every environment. However, this ball would feel a bit soft in comparison to other indoor/outdoor basketballs and is also not that durable. Its pebble design can wear down quite quickly as compared to any typical pebble design.

The ball is proved to be a very good option for indoor basketball courts because its pebbles can wear down quicker on an outdoor asphalt surface.
Overall, this Molten X-Series Indoor Outdoor Basketball is a very beautiful ball with tactically aligned pebbles for a stronger grip. It is an officially FIBA-approved ball.

Final Verdict:

This Basketball is a great pick for indoor & outdoor games. It has a very extraordinary look and an awesome feel. The ball is durable because it is made of synthetic rubber material. It is available in 3 different sizes and has a one-year official warranty. The Molten basketball is officially FIBA approved and gets easily noticeable even in low light conditions.

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