Spalding NBA Replica Indoor | Outdoor Game Ball – Reviews and Features

Spalding NBA Replica

The high-rated Spalding NBA Replica Indoor/Outdoor Game Ball is specially made to NBA standards. Its premium composite outer cover will make sure the lasting durability of the ball. This ball being a replica gives the exact same feel like an original Spalding NBA basketball. For an in-depth analysis of its features, read the following points

Spalding NBA Replica indoor outdoor game ball

Spalding NBA Replica Game Ball Features


This ball has an outer layer of composite leather which gives it a soft touch. This soft outer feel makes it easy for the players to play for longer hours.


This Spalding NBA Replica is well known for its good grip. Its deep channel lines ensure a very strong grip on basketball players. It is, however, not as amazing as the original NBA ball because of its composite leather outer surface which makes it a bit slippery sometimes because of reduced cushioning.

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Bounce is a key feature you have to keep in mind while buying the basketball. The ball you decide to buy should be neither too bouncy nor too flat. It should have a consistent bounce and the ball should maintain its bounce consistency even after a long match i.e., it should bounce exactly the same way it did at the start of the game.

The Spalding NBA Replica’s bounce is known to be great for both indoor and outdoor courts. It has a good bounce consistency which makes it worthwhile. It also maintains the air pressure and it bounces very ideally at an air pressure of 7.5 PSI, in contrast to others which bounce ideally at an air pressure of almost 8+ PSI. A little lower pressure is preferred because it does not make the ball feel hard on the palm.

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The Spalding NBA Replica basketball is very durable and upon right usage, you can even use it for a good few years. Its hard Composite leather outer surface makes it strong enough to resist hard wooden indoor basketball courts as well. But on an asphalt surface, the ball gets damaged quickly.

Final Verdict

An original Spalding NBA indoor-outdoor replica game ball is a dream for many basketball players but for some, it goes out of the budget. But on the other hand, Spalding NBA Replica basketball is an affordable alternative that promises a good game performance, not as great as the original one but still considered good. It has an embossed logo which gives it a very fancy look. The composite leather outer surface also makes it amazing. It is definitely durable and is very well designed for both indoor & outdoor courts and gives promising results.

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