Spalding NBA Zi/O Indoor Outdoor Basketball – Features and Reviews

Be it an indoor or an outdoor basketball court, the Spalding NBA Zi/O is indeed a very high-ranked and excellent quality basketball. It has that perfect tacky texture and a foamy back which gives it a perfect bounce and very easy handling along with dribbling & those performing drills. In order to know an in-depth review of the features of this great indoor & outdoor Spalding NBA Zi O basketball, please continue reading

Spalding NBA Zi O

Spalding NBA Zi/O Basketball Features:


This Spalding NBA Zi/O ball does not have a very loose pebbling and hence it gives you a very comfortable tacky kinda feel to it. It has an outer layer of composite leather which gives a foamy feel to the players and ensures a solid bounce which is the preference of every basketball player. It is an original NBA ball and it is almost every athlete’s choice for practicing the perfect basketball game. This ball has a very ideal bounce and does not become very bouncy on any surface be it a hardwood surface or an outdoor concrete surface.

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Wanna know why Spalding NBA Zi/O is the top priority of the majority of the basketball players? That is because of its unique features. This ball has its very fine and unique lines/channels which are 30% deep and give a very good grip and better handling. These lines and the ball’s tight pebbling provide a better grip and control over the ball while aiming for the hoop. The player can feel his fingers pressing inward into the foamy outer of the ball while rolling the ball alongside his hand. This makes the players choose this ball because of the better grip that it offers along with easier handling.

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The Spalding NBA Zi/O basketball has a very good bounce and can even bounce up to 7 PSI. Hence, there is absolutely no hassle of inflating the ball at high pressure in order to get an ideal bounce. This is one of the pros of using this ball because excessive pumping of the ball can lead to leakage of the air due to breakage in the bladder. This ball even provides a consistent bounce which makes this ball all the more preferable for players.

This ball will surely give you a nicer experience and you’ll see how this ball will go exactly at the height you want it to and with a consistent bounce and its condition will also stay the same and won’t deteriorate over time.


A lot of basketballs don’t stay in a good condition for a longer period of time on rough surfaces. This Spalding NBA Zi/O basketball, on the other hand, is hands down more durable than many other outdoor basketballs. It also performs much better than many of the soft composite leather indoor basketballs. Its traditional channel lines make the grip stay on the ball for a longer period of time. The size and weight of this Spalding NBA Zi/O ball are almost the same as of the official NBA game ball. Along with that, this ball is shipped and inflated, and ready to be played with. No hassle. This Spalding NBA Zi/O ball is indeed an amazing basketball for both indoor and outdoor basketball courts.

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Final Verdict:

This ball is very soft and also tacky on both fields i.e., outdoor & indoor basketball courts. It has a stronger grip and provides more control over the ball because of its fine lines. The ball has a composite leather outer which can help it endure even the concrete surfaces. Its best feature is that it never deflates easily even on aggressive surfaces.

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