Wilson Replica NCAA Game Basketball – Reviews & Detailed Features

Wilson Replica NCAA Game Basketball 

The Wilson Replica NCAA Game basketball is the perfect pick for both indoor and outdoor basketballs. You can buy this official NCAA Championship ball at an affordable price. A product of authenticity, you will perform well with this ball. Below are the detailed reviews of this Basketball.

Wilson Replica NCAA

Wilson NCAA Replica Basketball Features


This ball rolls off your fingertips perfectly thanks to the extremely soft texture of the ball. Its core cushion offers a pleasant feel to the hand and the balls roll over pretty nicely when you take a shot. Mostly your hands will get wet with sweat while playing basketball. And, this is the main reason you will not enjoy playing this game, and also due to this reason, your performance will be affected.

Nevertheless, this ball comes with moist absorption technology and will absorb the moisture and sweat from your hands. Thanks to this absorption technology the ball will remain dry while playing.


Certainly, the main factor players look at while buying a basketball is the Grip. A ball with a bulky feel makes the basketball much easier to control. Furthermore, it is easier to pass the ball to your teammate or to make hoop shots. Wilson NCAA Replica Game Basketball is the ball for you if you are an outdoor basketball player. Generally, this ball has more grip than indoor basketballs.

Moreover, the outer layer is made of composite leather which makes this ball useable on both indoor and outdoor courts. This ball is to be inflated at recommended air pressure and can be used straight away. You will get a nice steady feel after playing a few matches with the ball.


This NCAA Replica Game Basketball has a fair bounce. However, the bounce is not perfectly consistent throughout the game, when you perform skills like crossovers the ball will not end up where you expect the ball to go. This is the only disadvantage of this ball as we know this is a replica ball and that makes this ball budget-friendly.


Durability is the key for an outdoor ball since a weak outer layer ball will tear easily, and softballs will be easily torn apart on concrete. The Wilson NCAA Replica Basketball is effectively applicable for outdoor concrete floors. These balls are hard enough to handle the harsh surfaces.

For the various types of gameplays, different sizes are available. The proper inflation level of this ball is 7 PSI. Due to consistent bounce and sweat absorption technology, the Wilson NCAA Replica Basketball is a superb choice for outdoor as well as indoor courts.

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Final Verdict

This basketball is one of my favorite balls due to its sweat & moisture absorption technology. The outer layer of the ball gives an extremely comfortable feel to the palm which helps in passing, dribbling, and even shooting. Furthermore, the cushion material provides a persistent and optimal bounce. I would definitely like to recommend you this replica basketball if you want to start playing basketball.

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